My goals for my calories are eating less lollies by only having a small amount on special occasions. For social I need to catch up with friends more often. For my mental health I need to spend more me time and to relax.

Oaks Day

Yesterday all the grade sixes dressed up for the races (oaks day at school). Here is me all dressed up. Also a few of my friends.

What we did was do a runway in our class. Three boys and three girls were picked by the rest of the class. All the chosen ones from our class did another runway with the winners in the other classes. This is the description about me on the runway.

Me In A Minute Goals

In year six we do an activity called me in a minute. What we do in that is do an exercise strait for a minute. At the end everyone puts their results in a table. If some of your results are below the class average you would pick three of them and set them as a goal. My three goals are sit-ups, burpees and train track jumps. What I aiming to get for sit-ups is 41 in a minute. For burpees I want to get 14 in a minute. Finally for train track jumps I want to get 108 in a minute.

Dance Off

I look at the crowd in shock, I thought I can’t do this. But when I put both feet on the stage I knew I had to do this. I herd the music start playing, so I gave it my best I could. When our group of three went on dancing by ourselves the crowd looked bigger and longer. We all started at a different time on the first one so that made me even more nervous. But we got it right on the real thing. The learning behind it was to help with your nerves and teamwork.



In art we have been decorating skateboards. My design will be on one side a lot of different emojis. Then on the other side it says keep calm and love emojis. We had to do two plans. It was good that we did do two plans because I ended up doing the other plan. It is getting a bit harder to paint  because of all the layers that I have painted.

Terrific Tags

Tags can be pretty to look at, but can be hard to do.

The prosses of it is making a background making a tag a putting them together. When they are together you have a tag. That may seem easy but its not. Making the background is the easiest part. A tag is a signature on your artwork.



On Monday our grade moved classrooms. Why we moved is because our room is going to be the new Indonesian room. It is really good because it is like triple the size. The size will definitely be good because we can be spread out, and not be really close together. I’m really looking forward to having a whole new term with this classroom.

Science fair


On Wednesday all the grade 5s chose a science topic to share to all the people that came. My topic was lava lamps. Why I chose lava lamps is because I was making a lava lamp at home and I knew the science fair is coming up so I thought this is the right topic for me. How a mechanical lava lamp works is the heat from the bulb makes the water expand. When the water expand it becomes lighter so it goes up. But up there it is cooler so the water joins back together. When it joins it becomes heavier so it comes down.

Book Week Doors

For book week we have to decorate our door that is related to a book. We are only aloud to use materials from our classroom. My favourite one apart from ours is the the day the crayons quit. The reason I chose this is because they made crayons and the book is about crayons.



Here is a link to there blog.

Sci-fy Story

Did you ever think of time machines, aliens and science coming together in real life.? I’ve made that a reality. This week we have been writing science fiction stories. Mine is about aliens and time travel. Can’t wait to share my book with you.


5/6 Sport

Have you ever made a human ladder? I don’t think so. But I have. In 5/6 sport this week we did a lot of games. The teams that we were in was our grade. We did 3 games. The first game we did was where we had to make shapes, letters and words. What I learnt how to make shapes and words with people.


Here is a photo from a game Jacobs Ladder


My Biography

Biography by Grace


Name- Margaret Kelly

Date of birth- 12 June 1857

Place of birth- Bevridge, Victoria, Australia

Date of death- 22 January 1896

Place of death- Greta, Victoria, Australia

Place of burial- Greta cemetery

Margaret Kelly

Margaret Kelly has 11 siblings. They are Ned, Kate, Dan, Annie, James, Mary, Grace, Ellen Jr, Ellen, John and Alice. Margaret’s Mum is Ellen Kelly. Margaret’s Dad is John Kelly. They are all apart of the Kelly gang.

When Margaret was 16 she got married to William Skillion. William was 8 years older then her. They got married on the 17 of the 9 1880.

Ned Kelly’s hanging day was important to all the members to the Kelly Gang (that were still around). This event was on the 11 of the 11 1880. At the event there were 7 guards.

  • Margaret Kelly got christened at Saint Paul’s Catholic Church.
  • She went to the Catholic school in Bevridge.
  • Had a horse named white foot.

In my beliefs Margaret is a strong person because she took food for the boys in the bush. She also tried to save money to get her mum a lawyer after her arrest.

Margaret Kelly was important because she was a sister of Ned Kelly. If Ned Kelly was any normal bush ranger Margaret and all the other people in the Kelly Gang may not be known.

Fabulous Factor Trees

This week in maths we have being doing factor trees. With a factor tree you need a main number that is not a prime number then you find factors for it. A factor is a number that you multiply it by another number and the answer should be the number that is your main number.

The active was pretty easy for me. It was a 8/10

Down below are my factor trees⬇️


Cerebral Palsy

I went to look at Cerebral Palsy Australia website for some life messages.
I believe the message be grateful that you can achieve your dreams. I like it because you have to think about everyone that has CP.
The text I have highlighted shows evidence that the message might be her life message.





Bang! There goes another friend. Oh no it could be me next. This is a story about three friends going into war. They are joined by lice, flies, heat and snow. I don’t know if I told you that 8 thousand Australians  died.

Australia went to go help Great Britain to fight the Germans. Roy, Wally and Tom travel to Egypt then ANZAC Cove. When they landed  at Egypt they trained for 4 months. The flies made most people ill.

I would give this book 5 stars out of 5. There are facts that I did know now I do.